Bible Memory Tips

Motivating Yourself by Reading the Word of God

You might question why you have to read the Bible in order to be inspired. You should know the Bible is the library of books that tells about God's love for us. No matter how good we are in our lives, there will come a time that everything would feel heavy. Nevertheless, God will carry your cross until the end if you are willing to accept Him in your heart. Even in this fast-paced world of ours, God still has a way of communicating to us. This is through inspirational Bible verses that you can read through your actual Bible or your virtual Bible.

If you find your Bible too hard to understand because of the deep language, you can check out new versions with the use of modern English. No meaning has been changed, which means the meat of God's Word is still there to make you feel loved in every waking day of your life. Also, make sure to use the index located at the end part of the Bible in order to read the specific verses that are appropriate for your situation right now. Avoid closing your eyes and then opening the Bible on any page by chance just to know God's message. It does not work that way. God has already prepared the answers to your questions; you should properly look for these answers by using the index.

God's love is everlasting that it would stand even the latest modernization in this world. God will always make a way to reach into your heart, mind, and soul even with the use of the technology that you use. Just look at this article, for example. By this time, God is already connecting with you and it is your call if you will connect yourself to Him. Our God is so patient and kind that He is willing to wait whenever we are ready. Watch this video at for more info about bible verse.

Every person is a future leader, and you must know that God is the Ultimate Leader of all time. He is the perfect example of how leaders should be. No other leader could reach the standard of leadership of God, which is why we should acknowledge His Greatness by reading his Word. Even the greatest inspirational books are no match for God's Word. Many people let their Bibles sleep on the corner of their room. The same people read a novel with 500 pages every day. God is not complaining about that. He is just waiting for you to come into your senses and realize that no other person can make you feel whole but Him. In your loneliest nights, He is there. You might not see Him but He is everywhere because God is omniscient. Read inspirational bible verse of the day here!

Even the latest challenges can be solved by God's Word, which has been written thousands of years ago. All you have to do is to believe in God and trust Him. He will heal all of your sorrows if you just allow Him to penetrate into your heart.

Read daily bible verse about God's Word by using your actual Bible or a Bible application. Either way, God will be very pleased with communicating with you in the way that you are most comfortable with.